STEM-EDS-HAADF: Martian Meteorite NWA7533 sample. Detail of the composition and atomic structure of a titanomagnetite. A, B) EDS mapping of a TiO2 lamellae within the magnetite. Nanodomains of Fe/Cr composition can also be seen. The 2 nm thick interface is enriched in Cr. C) High-resolution HAADF image of TiO2 lamellae. D) High resolution HAADF image of Ti-rich bi-lamella within magnetite. Hugues Leroux (MTP-UMET), Maya Marinova (PMEL)

HAADF: An image of a primitive meteorite as old as our solar system showing the presence of diverse phases such as amorphous silicate, pyroxene, olivine, iron oxide, and organics. Corentin Le Guillou (MTP-UMET), Hugues Leroux (MTP-UMET), Adrian Brearley.

STEM-EELS: Thin film of Nd2Ti2O7 on a SrTiO3 (100) substrate: STEM-HAADF image at high resolution. EELS maps of all elements. EELS spectra of the substrate and the thin film. EELS intensity profiles along atomic planes. Marielle Huvé (MISSP-UCCS), Maya Marinova (PMEL)

TEM: Image of silica precipitates in olivine.

TEM: High-resolution image of an exsolution in a silimanite crystal.

SEM: Image of a nanostructured polymer.

SEM: Image of a deformed ceramic.

SEM: Image of a nanostructured polymer.

HAADF: Molybdenum and tungsten sulphide catalysts for hydrotreatment applications prepared from heteropolyanions: Demonstration of formation of foils with mixed mellic (Mo and W) character using atomic resolution STEM-HAADF where a difference in contrast between Mo and W is observed. Christine Lancelot (CATEN-UCCS), Maya Marinova (PMEL), Carole Lamonier (CATEN-UCCS), Pascal Blanchard (CATEN-UCCS), Anne Constant (CATEN-UCCS), Pavel Nikulshin, Maria Kulikiva

STEM-EDX: Atomically resolved EDS mapping of an oxide. Marielle Huvé (MISSP-UCCS)




HAADF: Orthopyroxene (Mg,Fe)2Si206: mixed M2 sites appear brighter than M1 sites due to higher Fe content (red: O, blue: Si, brown: Mg/Fe).  Damien Jacob (MTP-UMET),  Hugues Leroux (MTP-UMET)

TEM: Image of dislocations in a deformed olivine.


Electron Diffraction: LACBED image.

SEM: Image of a nanostructured polymer.

SEM: Image of a micro-impact (Stardust mission tests).

EPMA: X-ray mapping of (a) sulfur, and (b) calcium of a cross section of a fouling phenomenon at the surface of a stainless steel substrate.