Data Analysis Software

The microscopy platform is equipped with a data treatment room and several working stations are available to users for data analysis.

The data acquired on our microscopes are in the ThermoFisher TEM Imaging & Analysis (TIA) software .ser and .emi formats, the Thermo Scientific Velox™ .emd format or the Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) software .dm3 and .dm4 file formats. Several off-line licenses for the above software are available to allow the post-acquisition data treatment. The acquisition and off-line data treatment of EDX spectrum images can also be performed using the Brucker’s Esprit software. Tomographic acquisition can be reconstructed and visualized by Inspect3D and Avizo, respectively.

The diffraction mapping data sets can be treated with the NanoMEGAS ASTAR software package.

For image and diffraction simulation, the Pierre Stadelmann’s JEMS electron microscopy simulation software is available. For strain mapping the HREM Research’s GPA plug-in is available.

Freeware alternatives are also recommended. HyperSpy (F. de La Pena) is an open source Python platform for hyperspectral data analysis. QSTEM (Christoph Koch) is a freeware package for quantitative simulations of HR TEM and STEM images using the multislice algorithm. A general image processing software is the Java-based ImageJ and Fiji, which also includes the TomoJ plug-in for tomographic reconstructions.