The Transmission Electron Microscope (FEI TITAN Themis 300 S/TEM) is an instrument at the forefront of European research.

The expected field of application covers all themes of the Chevreul Institute, from solid-state chemistry to deep-earth mineralogy, as well as industrial applications in the field of metallurgy and glass.

His arrival is the result of a long-term project, funded by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, the ERDF, and the CNRS. Since early 2017, the microscope is operational. It is installed in the new premises built by the university within the new Hall CISIT.

In 2022, thanks to funding from the I-site (University of Lille) associated with the TEM ASTER project, two direct electron detection cameras were installed on the Titan: a Timepix3 type detector located before the energy filter and a Medipix3 type detector located behind the energy filter. These new detectors considerably increase the performance of the microscope (sensitivity, speed) for the study of beam sensitive materials.

  • A high-brightness Schottky field effect gun (XFEG) with a monochromator for energy resolution of 150 meV.
  • Adjustable acceleration voltage from 60 kV to 300 kV.
  • A spherical probe aberration corrector Cs (DCOR) for high-resolution imaging in STEM mode (<70 pm).
  • A high-resolution objective lens (S-TWIN) with a 5.4 mm pole distance that offers a 70-degree tilt angle for tomographie.
  • A CompuStage with a piezo platen for excellent stability of the sample holder.
  • An EDX Super-X detector with superior sensitivity for fast chemical mapping. Four SDD detectors are integrated in the objective lens (S-TWIN).
  • A GATAN post-column high-resolution energy filter (Quantum ERS / 966) with a system DualEELS for the simultaneous acquisition of low and high energy losses.
  • A CETA 16M camera for a very wide field of view of the image.
  • A Timepix3 direct electron detection camera located before the energy filter.
  • A Medipix3 direct electron detection camera located after the energy filter.
  • A tri-axis tomography holder (HATA), a single tilt Fischione tomography holder, a GATAN single tilt cryo tomography holder, a single and double tilt FEI holders are available.