The Transmission Electron Microscope (FEI TITAN Themis 300 S/TEM) is an instrument at the forefront of European research.

The expected field of application covers all themes of the Chevreul Institute, from solid-state chemistry to deep-earth mineralogy, as well as industrial applications in the field of metallurgy and glass.

His arrival is the result of a long-term project, funded by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, the ERDF, and the CNRS. Since early 2017, the microscope is operational. It is installed in the new premises built by the university within the new Hall CISIT.

  • A high-brightness Schottky field effect gun (XFEG) with a monochromator for energy resolution of 150 meV.
  • Adjustable acceleration voltage from 60 kV to 300 kV.
  • A spherical probe aberration corrector Cs (DCOR) for high-resolution imaging in STEM mode (<70 pm).
  • A high-resolution objective lens (S-TWIN) with a 5.4 mm pole distance that offers a 70-degree tilt angle for tomographie.
  • A CompuStage with a piezo platen for excellent stability of the sample holder.
  • An EDX Super-X detector with superior sensitivity for fast chemical mapping. Four SDD detectors are integrated in the objective lens (S-TWIN).
  • A GATAN post-column high-resolution energy filter (Quantum ERS / 966) with a system DualEELS for the simultaneous acquisition of low and high energy losses.
  • A CETA 16M camera for a very wide field of view of the image.
  • A tri-axis tomography holder (HATA), a single tilt Fischione tomography holder, a GATAN single tilt cryo tomography holder, a single and double tilt FEI holders are available.